The brand : Ligne Verte

Ligne Verte is an organization and a label.        

The two structures (Organization and Label) are closely connected and aim to accomplish a common mission: to provide high quality products developed by an international network of professionals from Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, USA, and Canada, each a leading figure in their respective field. These relationships, built with international entrepreneurs over many years, make Ligne Verte a key player in the CBD sector, both influencing and distributing innovative products.

Our lasting partnerships, particularly with Greenplace CBD shop in Luxemburg, have reinforced our organization and allowed us to develop a marketing strategy that aims at quality, traceability, stability of supply and accountability. Our partners’ experience and expertise in cannabinoids has been more than beneficial.

Our aim is simple: provide products that are tested and certified by approved laboratories, and whose origins and production methods are known to us. We thus guarantee the quality and freshness of our products.

In close collaboration with our partners through all phases of development, we use our expertise and intimate knowledge to provide you with a hand-picked range of rarely accessible products.

Our selections are careful and deliberate. We believe that production quality and ethics are the cornerstones of this emerging business.

Ligne Vert is based in France and Luxemburg and is a major player in the CBD market. The products we provide are in accordance with the respective legislations of EU countries. 

With your CBD purchase experience, you receive our commitment to quality, traceability, exclusivity and responsiveness.